Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bugging the update

Well, Second Life was up for hour untill logins where closed again.
12:05 SLT - Logins Disabled While Grid Issues Investigated Shortly after we opened up Second Life 1.11.2, we started seeing issues with IMs and Friends Online. We have disabled logins while the issue is investigated.
It closed before i had a change to login, might as well blog a bit more. :P

Today's update did look quite promising. Besides some changes, it consists mostly of bug fixes, which makes me actually smile. Two of them makes me the happiest.
  • Fixed a bug where right-clicking the edges of the viewer window automatically selected pie menu items
  • Friends list now sorts by online status
The first is a recent annoying bug, that came when they made the gestureal pie menu. I'm not even sure most people have noticed that, now you can hold down the right mouse button and move quickly through the pie menu, like a gesture. Glad the bug where it auto selects is fixed, it was very annoying.

The second is something that allways seemed wierd to me, and made me never use my friends list. I allways used my IM window to see who was online and open their profile.

But all the bug fixes are great!
Second Life 1.11.2(4) is now running on the main grid. Release notes are as follows:

Release Notes for Second Life 1.11.2(4) August 1, 2006
Other changes:
* Asset compression expanded to cover objects
* Right-click -> Teleport option added to landmarks
* "Muted Residents" renamed to "Mute List", as it can contain muted objects as well
* Ctrl-\ can now be used to focus the camera on the last agent or object that said something in chat

Script changes:
* llRequestAgentData can now return the resident's account type
** Example usage: llRequestAgentData(llGetOwner(), DATA_PAYINFO);
** No Payment Info on File: 0
** Payment Info on File: 1
** No Payment Info on File AND Payment Info Used: 2 (Only Beta/Lifetime users fall under this status)
** Payment Info on File AND Payment Info Used: 3

Bug fixes:
* Fixed several exploits
* Friends list now sorts by online status
* Both the scripted object and the target of llPushObject must be in push-allowed areas
* Corrected the color of system messages
* Fixed a bug where right-clicking the edges of the viewer window automatically selected pie menu items
* Minimap now fits within its window when taking high-res snapshots
* Telehub spawnpoint removal no longer fails for Estate Owners/Managers
* Fixed a bug where the clear search button was not visible
* Send Postcard floater now gets active focus when "Keep open after saving" is checked
* Fixed a bug where residents would teleport to the wrong location when using the my land window after using the sort tabs
* Double-clicking on map icon ("event") no longer opens wrong panel in Search floater
* Fixed a bug with slow window resize
* Dragging past the end of text field once again scrolls text
* Fixed a bug where the avatar picker name field doesn't have focus on show
* Ctrl+F opening search now puts focus in "All" tab's "Find" text box
* About Land floater no longer goes blank in some use cases
* Resolved issue which caused Minimap window, Build window and Object Edit window to not appear in snapshots when Show UI is selected
* "Update Automatically" no longer clears the "Send postcard" window from the screen
* Fonts now render properly with UI scaling on in fullscreen on Macbook Pro
* Linden Locations shouldn't appear in Popular Places
* Text in Search > Landsales no longer missing
* Fixed a bug with keyboard selection of radio buttons
* Escape now closes menus
* Land sales description now displays correctly in Search > Land Sales
* Snapshot window now follows the same position rules as other windows
* Friends list now sorts by online status
* Toolbar buttons no longer retain focus after use
* UI layout tweaks to the About Land > Options > Show in Find Places drop-down menu
* Improved the experience for uploading a snapshot as a texture
* Fixed a bug with snapshot floater's settings not being persisted
* Made double-click process as a normal click if not handled specially
* Disabled using ALT-Enter to trigger buttons, etc
* Converted media remote control to be a panel to allow tab focusing

Linux client fixes:
* No linux-client-specific fixes in this release
Well, SL seems to have come up again will writing this post, let's see how long it lasts. :P

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