Friday, August 04, 2006

Update August 9th.

Another update with mostly bug fixes and some good changes/features

Release Notes for Second Life 1.11.3(0) August 4, 2006
Other changes:
* System Sound Effects have been decoupled from the Audio Stream
** This allows system sounds like typing to be muted while listening to
live performances and so forth
** Sound Effects volume can now be set in Preferences > Audio & Video >
Sound Effects Volume
** Streaming Audio volume is set as it was before using the in-world
Audio Control panel

Great updated that will make many Live Music Enthusiasts happy. Now finally we can turn down all sound effects and just listen to the music, without relying on a outside application. =)

Bug fixes:
* Preferences no longer save when user profile has non-ASCII character
in its path
* Resolved client crash when clicking Preferences > Popups > Reset 'Show
next time' Dialogs
* CTRL-ENTER once again activates Chat Shout
* Drop-down boxes now respond to control keys as expected
* Resolved client crash related to mute lists
* Resolved client crash related to applying color to an object
* Scroll wheel once again causes Chat History window to scroll
* Drag-selecting text in a type-in field no longer causes selected text
to be stuck
* World Map once again correctly accepts coordinates for pin-point
* First name in a search query is once again automatically highlighted
when search is performed
* Resolved a bug which caused an orange flicker to occur (most
noticeable during sunset and sunrise)
* Upper-case file extensions are now recognized when uploading files and
no longer cause an error

Some nice bug fixes. Ctrl-Enter and Chat history will behave normally again. And one of my annoyances is fixed, the Upper-case file extensions stupidness. No more renaming! :)