Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Skipped a month

Wooha, I noticed I skipped a whole month of blogging. Not that it was without reason, RL was keeping me busy, busy with SL. That's right, SL got me a job. :D

I have been working with Kidsconnect.
Kids Connect is a series of summer workshops providing young people with the opportunity to learn cutting edge skills in media, arts and technology. Participants connect and create with other students in New York and Amsterdam via audio/visual and streaming Internet technologies within the online virtual world of Second Life.
My role was teaching the participants in Amsterdam, SL skills. It was pretty taxing, because I had not teaching experience to speak of prior to this. But I think we can be proud on the results despite some mayor technical setbacks at the start. Might post some screenshots later when SL is back up again.

Being so busy last month I only now caught up with a lot of blogs and news, and noticed new things. For starters it might have become easier to stay up to date about everything related to SL.
  • Second Life Insider only started recently but really seems to be on top on what ever new twist our second life is taking. Bloggers of this site are: Caliandris Pendragon, Akela Talamasca, Aimee Weber, Master Penguin and Local Jezebel.
  • World of SL is a project of Tao Takashi and collects all the RSS feeds of whatever is about SL and has a RSS feed. I think it could be a bit more compact for a quicker overview. I'm not sure if it will of much use to me because I have all those blogs and then some, already in my bloglines and it gives me more control on what I blogs I want to focus. But non the less it will be a great site for someone new and curious to get up to date about what's happens in SL.
  • And last but not least, LL has joined all the different blogs together to one site, Now it will be a lot easier to keep informed about anything LL and the Lindens want to share with us.
Having now myself used Second Life in a RL way has made me more excited about others doing the same. In Virtual Suburbia Chip Poutine writes about Keystone Bouchard, who makes a living as a residential designer specializing in energy efficient 'green' houses in RL. He is using SL as a tool to give his Clients a more immerse experience when previewing his designs. Pretty cool if you ask me.
And this brings me to LordFly Digeridoo who did something similar, as a College assignment he recreated the Piazza Navona in Rome. His teacher was impressed and shows yet again how SL can be used as a rapid prototyping tool.

In august I blogged about how we can change the F1 Help to do our bidding. Chandra Page has a update on that, because of some updates a other file needs to edited.

Besides being busy in RL, I also found some time to be active in the RFL events. Well my activity was mostly bitching to my group to do something. But anyway I'm proud on what my team Vesuvius Fyre and the whole RFL in SL has collected for the American Cancer Society, close to or over 40K US dollars.

Finally about my promise to fix the comments, I didn't keep my word, and haven't taken the time to really look at why it isn't working properly. I will try to get that fixed before SLCC.

Yep, that is right, I'm going to SLCC. woot! Plane tickets and convention are paid for, and I have arranged a place to stay for free. Thank you Rhiannon. :D
So if you ever wanted to meet the Charming Frans in RL, this is your change, hurry up and sign up. Will be a exciting trip, since I never left my poor little country in my conscious life. Flying over the Atlantic will be my first flight ever. I will arriving late 17th and leaving early 27th, I'm looking forward to it. :D

While writing this SL came back up, so see you inside, hope it is good! :)

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