Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mesh Uploads Chatlog

Chatlog about Mesh uploads, while NDA was temporarily lifted.

<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: nda has been lifted about mesh
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: aska away
<jonathanyap> Where is an announcement?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: when will it be here
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: what types of objects can we inport
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: what is the max nr of vertices a mesh can have
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: 1) i dont know
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: 2) collada, has has been hinted
* GridInterop (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa waits for NDA lifting confirmation first ;)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: lol
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: you think runitai posted that by mistake?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: lol. good one. u hoped somebody will spill the beans:)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: he did say monday though
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: how many people r acquainted with "ghosted avatars"
<beybar> Can't really say I#m acquainted with them. No matter how much I try, they never talk to me.
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: those unlucky people that the sim says they r in it, but they have been logged out and can't login until the sim is restarted
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: [23:17] Alexa Linden: 1. you are no longer under NDA
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: ok, it's official mesh NDA is lifted ;)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: [23:17] Alexa Linden: 2. yes, you can blog, post videos, etc
<beybar> Oooh!
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Uni Ninetails: woohooo no more smegging NDA
<beybar> So who knows all about meshes?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: so, ppl, ask your questions
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: i heard that is possible to unghost somebody without restarting sim. is it true?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: uni, latif, me and others also
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: Rex, I only know with restart
<beybar> I don't know, Rex. Restart is the only way I know, too.
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Uni Ninetails: It was meeee mee who ressed the titanic a 2 sims mesh and pissed everyone offf muuahahahahaha
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: rex, i had to open support ticket and the support to restart sim
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: lol
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: took about 5 minutes
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: uni, yeh, you could have checked the scale first ;)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: Rex sometimes they can reset your AV
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: well. i heard it can be done without restarting
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: it doesn;t always work though, reset is teh easiest
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Uni Ninetails: if i had ressed it mega meshes wouldnt have appeared as quick :P
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: yes it can be done without restarting
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: you still have to put in a ticket
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: and it doesn;t always work
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: for some reason, they are squeamish about restarting a mainland sim
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: so. it is true. u have to write a ticket, and the lindens have to reset your ave, but it doesn't always work. so sim restart is the only thing left. thank u:)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Azure Twine: yep
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: regarding the NDA. what good is if it was lifted. if even those 3 basic questions i just asked can't be answered:(
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: rex, what was it again
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: Rex, what questions?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: import format is collanda
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: inlimeted numbe of vertices, but some n number of vertices will be counted as 1 prim agaist the parcel limit
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: rex i was looking for the official breakdopwn of that
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: (that bit is still not fixed)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: what types of objects. when will be here, and what is the max nr of vertices it can have
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: as in, how it gets counted
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: 2 sec
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: but in practice its nlimited
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: Rex, collada format, new object type
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: but 1 mesh != 1 prim
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: they will have to be really optimized otherwise you gonna end up with 1 mesh that "costs" 100 prims
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: collada:(
<beybar> How many vertices are there in a torus prim?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: so yes, its possible to grab stuff grom google warehouse directly import to sl
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: i guess ".obj" formatis not popular enough:(
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: BeyBar, I know, making a torus out of a mesh will be expensive :)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: but not awlays a good thing as it will clock up on prim count
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: rex, but with collada we can rig too
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: and sl support s it
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: so you can have wearable clothing
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: show me an 3d editor that doesn't support ".obj"
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: or entire av replacements
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: rex, obj is from the stoneage
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: ie. mesh attachments that "bend" with avatar movement
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Nyx Linden: makes a more direct correlation between prim count and triangle count, which is better from a performance reporting perspective
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: hey nyx
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: what viewer support mesh uploading?
<jonathanyap> Do you need a very new viewer to see these mesh objects?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: yes you need a viewer that is not publically available
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: meshes are still closed betaa
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: from the stone age we also have fire. and what do u know? it is still working today:)
<mojito> I heard that Vista broke it
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Patnad Babii: NDA been lifted on SL mesh viewer? anyone know where to get
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Nyx Linden: NDA on talking about it is lifted - its still a closed beta
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Patnad Babii: urm.. bummer
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: so mesh beta is still closed, except that people who are testing it are allowed to speak about it :)
<mojito> They will admit that it exists, but not exactly what it *is*
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: for meshes u also need to provide a specifically made texture
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Yuu Nakamichi: Latif - they are asked to speak about it :)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: Mojito, I know (pretty much) exactly what it is
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Drew Dwi: hey nyx - did the viewer-external go backwards build wise? the appearance options went back into a floater in the last push when it changed from 2.0.2 to 2.1.0
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Nyx Linden: o.0
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Nyx Linden: it shouldn't have Drew.....
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: JonathanYap and rex, special client, based on v2
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Drew Dwi: let me get you a build #
<mojito> So these meshaes are done with the wrapped texture teqnique, rather than a list of vertex coordinates?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Nyx Linden: Drew, can you send me an email? I'm trying to escape the office :)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Patnad Babii: well its possible to see a vid here at least:
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: can there be screenshots posted of imported objects, the interface?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Drew Dwi: sure thing nyx@ll ?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: rex, check the video
<jonathanyap> please repost the video link
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: i want to see stills:)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: Mojito, you import meshes from .dae (collada) files, which i belive are nothing much that a glorified list of vertices ;)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Patnad Babii:
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: by stills, i mean still images:)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: how does havok sees those meshes?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: there are 5 submeshes for each object
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis:
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: 4 for different LOD + 1 for colissions
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: ^thats some of runitais pics
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Patnad Babii: why is LL dont do a list and announcement about betas, i mean its always super top secret and only the ones at OH can really sign up for something.. i mean im doing alot of beta testing and LL do it poorly
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: the "cost in prims" of a mesh object will depend greatly of how complex the physical represantation is + total number of vertices
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: now i have to wait for video to download. i screenshot would have been available i wouldn't have had to:(
<jonathanyap> Rex, that video is pretty blurry, better to look at the photos
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: for a few seconds my network went down. so i lost the link to pictures
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: and looks like will be unstable for a few more minutes
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa:
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: Mojito, you can have any kind of custom uv applied to your mesh
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: is that hippo mesh. lol
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: material id can be assigned to polys, they can be accessed as "sides" in lsl
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: so you can script texture chnages
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: colour etc
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: like on normal prims
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: but you get to choose what polys, via their material id
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: this is very cool imo
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: r there any pictures of the interface?
<jonathanyap> Are there public wiki entries for the new lsl calls?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: interface?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: looks the same as normal v2
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: only there is a new upload dialog
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: yes that one
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: specifically for mesh
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: i would take you a screenshot, except i cant run the client here at work
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: and if u want to edit them in world. that should be another dialog/floater
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: same build menu as normal afaik
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: so if you ned to access the "sides" you do it via lsl
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: lone, go to CBP
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: where and how do u choose to what polygons to apply the text to on a mesh?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: the texture*
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: eek
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: someone is knocking at the door
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: and i made such a nice tweet ;)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: ugh, men in black and they are wearing sunglases ffs its night time
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: may u live throught the night to see tomorrow:)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: ok, parently we had a 5 minute window to blab about mesh
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: now we have to wait for more official word on what we can and cant say
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: if anything
<jonathanyap> Ah, you are shut down?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: yes
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: what? u said tooo much? gee. that was just the tip of the iceberg:)
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Saijanai Kuhn: what's going on
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Latif Khalifa: stand by
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Patnad Babii: any idea when there will be an open beta for mesh then?
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: nda for mesh was lifted for a short while
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) lonetorus Habilis: now we are asked to wait till we get more official clearance
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Saijanai Kuhn: LOL. Darn and I missed it
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: r u guys playing hide and seek. lol
<jonathanyap> someone can post the session log
<gridinterop> (grid:agni) Rex Cronon: r u taunting people? hugh:)

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