Monday, June 21, 2010

SL7B Opening Monday 10am SLT

SL7B-MainstageSecond Life is turning 7 this week, and to celebrate it there will be a week long party on 21 sims dedicated to celebrating Second Life. The sims are a showcase of content of Second Life Residents, with over 700 contributors and 300+ exhibits.

The first year in 2004 the celebration was a parade through the mainland and Philip Linden gave a speech over the then newly released media stream. Each following year the birthday party became bigger, more elaborate and more advanced with some new technology that has been released during the previous year.

Philip Linden 21/06/2004The theme this year is 'Unexpected Collaborations', a celebration of one the unique characteristics of Second Life to spring forth ad hoc collaborations. With an emphasis on the social networks created through Second Life and the chances for creative and productive collaboration.

This year amongst many residents, both Philip Linden and M Linden will be giving speeches, and over 300 live performances are lined up to celebrate with you. The celebration will go on from June 21 through June 27, but the sims will stay open till July 3rd, to give you ample time to explore the creations of the Second Life residents.

Philip's speech will be Monday June 21st, 11am SLT. M Lindens will address us Wednesday June 23rd, 9am SLT. Both will be at the Main Stage

The full schedule is on the SL7B Blog.

This is Your World Your Imagination!
Let's celebrate!

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